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The Baden winegrowing region
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The Baden winegrowing regionThe Baden winegrowing region
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Dr. Dieter Simon

Baden is an approx. 400 km long area which stretches from Lake Constance in the south to Tauberfranken and is divided into nine wine regions. Its landscape is very diverse and numerous different soils can be found - such as moraine deposits, tertiary chalk, clay and marl soils, enormous loess deposits, volcanic soils, residual granite soil as well as shell limestone and keuper.

This diversity is also reflected in the wines - and therefore makes the Baden wine region such an interesting area for wine enthusiasts. Baden provides visitors with idyllic destinations for day trips. Numerous hiking and cycling routes through lovely vineyard countryside are perfect for long days out. In addition to large, famous tourist towns such as Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Freiburg and Bad Mergentheim, with their wide variety of cultural events and historic sights, small picturesque winegrowing villages are also typical of the region.


Baden is Germany's "sun bed".

Protected by the Odenwald, Black Forest and Vosges mountains, the region in the centre of the Upper Rhine valley enjoys the sunniest and warmest climate in Germany - a climate that you would otherwise only expect to find in Mediterranean areas. Baden has been proven to be the warmest and sunniest area in Germany. However, the grapevines also receive plenty of water as the surrounding mountains ensure that there is always sufficient summer rain. There are hardly any other winegrowing regions in the world where the climate is such an ideal combination of warmth, sunshine and rain. The grapevines can form sugar excellently and a high proportion of minerals are deposited in the grapes - the best natural conditions for producing premium quality wines.


You will find them on the wine list of all Michelin star restaurants in Baden.

In addition to the Mediterranean climate and the pleasant countryside, Baden is also famous for the special attitude to life of its people. People from Baden are genial and hospitable - and know how to enjoy life. With excellent quality wine and food. Nowhere else in Germany are there so many Michelin star restaurants as in this region. But the inns and cosy wine taverns that do not have stars are also excellent representatives of Baden gastronomy and make travelling through this wonderful countryside a culinary experience. Experts from the world of wine combine knowledge of the countryside, the culture and the traditions with enjoyment of the wines from Baden.


Baden is known as the "Burgundy paradise of Germany".

Baden is Germany's third largest winegrowing region. 55 % of the vineyards are planted with white grapes and 45 % with red grapes - primarily Pinot Noir. As more than half of Germany's Pinot Noir is produced here, Baden is one of the most important Pinot Noir growing regions in the world and is known as the "Burgundy paradise". Due to the unique climatic conditions and the excellent soils and vineyards, more than half of the cultivated area is planted with varieties from the Burgundy family - such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. The region also boasts many special grape varieties which produce particularly excellent wines and which provide testament to the high degree of quality expertise the winegrowers exhibit with wines from these grape varieties. Examples of this are Chasselas in Markgräflerland, Riesling in the Ortenau area, Auxerrois in the Kraichgau region and Pinot Meunier in Tauberfranken.


More than 300 vineyards and almost 80 winegrowers cooperatives.

Most Baden family vineyards have joined together to form producer collectives (winegrowers cooperatives) which grow grapes in accordance with stringent quality standards. 77 winegrowers cooperatives produce 80% of Baden's wines. A further 300 vineyards produce their high-quality wines independently with a great deal of care and diligence and therefore make their contribution to the interesting variety of Baden wines and to the excellent reputation of the wine region.

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