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Dr. Dieter SimonDr. Dieter Simon

bonvinitas is an international independent wine magazine, which is also organizing wine ratings by independent sommeliers and other wine experts. Furthermore the visitors may use the international community and the forum, both on the subject of wine. Editor, owner and organizer is Dieter Simon, son from a winery in Baden/Germany, who is engaging in the subject of wine for many years.

What does offer bonvinitas?


1. bonvinitas is an international independent wine magazine.

bonvinitas is presenting as current news as much fundamentally interesting subjects about wine. By the Web it attains a worldwide large and interested audience free of charge.


2. the neutral wine rating

bonvinitas is organizing neutral and independent evaluations of wine by sommeliers and other wine experts in blind tasting. So oenophiles may get neutral information. To ensure the absolute neutrality, neither the owner nor the staff bonvinitas attends with the ratings and don’t influence. Wine producers and marketers may submit international wines.


3. the community

bonvinitas presents a community free of charge. People may exchange their ideas, establish groups and networks, such as fraternities of wine or gourmet clubs, as open or closed clubs. Furthermore wineries or event managers may post their schedules.


4. forum

bonvinitas includes a forum where anybody can feel free to speak the mind, to ask questions, to stimulate debates, to post news and a good deal more.


5. The international presentation platform for wine-growing estates, wineries and marketers

bonvinitas offers to wine-growing estates, wineries and marketers the opportunity to introduce themselves nationally and internationally to a big audience.


Dieter Simon, editor and owner of

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