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Ordering consumer website debuts new lifestyle content
Written by Guest  ·   January 23, 2012
Wine Institute, the trade association of 1,000 California wineries, has dramatically redesigned and expanded its consumer website,, to provide visitors...
Written by Dieter Simon  ·   December 05, 2011
German white wines grow in a temperate climate and distinguish themselves from wines grown in more southern climates through their fruity,...
Wine & Chocolate
Written by Dieter Simon  ·   November 02, 2011
In a way it’s odd that it has taken so long to discover how well chocolate and wine go together. The...
Cork or Screw Cap?
Written by Dieter Simon  ·   October 16, 2011
It seems quite logical that putting a screw cap on a wine bottle preserves the Cork Oak forests, and as such...
Serving the Right Wine with Seafood
Written by Dieter Simon  ·   October 14, 2011
„Fish must swim” is an old German saying which holds more than a grain of truth. Yet the question remains: “Which...
Dessert Wine and Cheese
Written by Dieter Simon  ·   September 29, 2011
It’s a classic pair, red wine and cheese, but it is not always harmonic, the stronger tannins of many red wines...
6 results - showing 1 - 6