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Research shows wine consumption is healthy

Written by Dieter Simon  ·   December 05, 2011   ·   846  

Last year a detailed analysis of 84 carefully selected research studies from across the globe determined that moderate alcohol consumption is healthy.

This review of medical observances on the effects of alcohol on health is the most comprehensive to date and relates the positive effects of alcohol consumption in relation to all cardiovascular diseases, regardless of a person’s gender or origin.

In comparison to non-drinkers, those who consumed between 12.5g and 25g of alcohol per day had a 14-25% lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and even up to 35% risk reduction in the specific case of coronary heart disease. For optimal health benefits women may enjoy about one drink a day and men two drinks a day. The study also indicates that these positive effects on health exist even when other negative factors from smoking, improper diet or lack of exercise are present.

The research project, which involved 3 major international universities and was published in the British Medical Journal (Feb/11), supports long-standing observations of the protective association between alcohol and health in a wide range of cultures and populations.

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