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2017 M Merlot
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Weingut Gratz, Hungary, Merlot
Growing region
Wine type
Grape variety
Level of sweetness
% alc. by vol.
development potential
5 to 6 years
Ripe fragrance with notes of cherry compote, milk chocolate, raisin cake; on the tongue a soft flowing fruity red wine backed by toast notes; hearty finish which lets to chewing, which is fun, because it speaks as it were: How do you like me? A wine that reminded me to participate in an interesting discussion with more than 5 to 6 years of further potential and very nice to braised beef, marinated and braised beef or fried sausages. 
Balatonfüred-Csopak is one of the 22 Hungarian quality winegrowing areas designated according to the EU wine laws in 2001 with corresponding production specifications, named after the two main towns Csopak and Balatonfüred on the Lake Balaton’s eastern north shore.

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