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The PIWI INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2023 - all to submit wines

Performed by bonvinitas - register till: September 29 - wines deadline: October 6 - challenge date: October 24, 2023
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The PIWI INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2023 - all to submit winesThe PIWI INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2023 - all to submit wines
PIWI International is the international association of estates, winemakers, vine growers and scientists who use breed and promote resistant grape varieties and offer such wines. The name PIWI comes from the German "pilzwiderstandsfaehig" which means "fungus resistant". It's the future of viticulture. The association has over 1,000 members in many countries around the world., the great international online wine magazine with a wide reach, is performing the PIWI International Wine Challenge in close cooperation with the association PIWI International. bonvinitas is also doiing its own wine awards with blindly tasting by neutral tasters. Here our Rating System, which we also use for the PIWI International Wine Challenge.

Accomplishments, prices and conditions

 Register wines 

Registration by September 29, 2023 at the latest - wines arriving by October 6, 2023 at the latest

Please fill in the relevant boxes of the input mask with numbers or whole words just as you like it to appear at as well as at bonvinitas.

Then please send in three bottles of each wine free of charge and freight along with the ever printed registrastion form by October 6th, 2023 at the latest to:

bonvinitas, Dieter Simon, Am Feldschloessel 26, D-77855 Achern, Germany

The challenge will take place on: October 24th, 2023 in the premises of WEINWERK in Ruppertsheim

We are rating in five categories in blind rating by neutral testers, who us our rating system:

  • category 1: lighter dry wines and sparkling wines with less than 9 g/l residual sugar and up to 12% alcohol. When evaluating the bouquet, we weight here freshness and liveliness more heavily and the drinking pleasure on the tongue. Because we are convinced that this is particularly sought after with lighter wines.
  • category 2: stronger, dry wines and sparkling wines with less than 9 g/l residual sugar and more than 12% alcohol. Here we give more weight to the personality of the wine, the individual and terroir notes as well as the potential for good development in the future, characteristics that are expected of these products.
  • category 3: half dry and sweeter wines and sparkling wines, each with over 9 g/l of sugar. Here we weight the fruitiness more heavily as well as the probable future, because fruit is primarily expected from a sweeter wine.
  • category 4: noble sweet wines such as Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese or ice wines. Here, of course, we weight the fruit even more, especially tropical fruit notes.
  • category 5: natural and orange wines. Here we give more weight to the distinctiveness, the individual and substantial.

 Winners, publication and medals 

All award-winning wines appear at 
as well as at bonvinitas under Winners with PIWI International Wine Challenge.



  from 87 points: SILVER

  from 93 points: GOLD

  from 96 points: TOP-GOLD

Medals for the bottles can be ordered at the PIWI association,
very strikingly printed on shiny gold or silver foil.

 Big press releases and great public relations by: 

  • Primarily we highlight the TOP10 best wines and their producers.
  • High average: We highlight also the TOP10 best producers who have achieved 90 points or more with at least three wines. Because a high average deserves to be shown! It honors the producer.
  • Extensive international press releases to specialist and popular media plus radio and TV.
  • Multiple postings on social media.

 Prices and Charching 

€ 80 per wine – for PIWI members

€ 98.50 per wine – for non-members

bonvinitas is running the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022 on its own account and is sending the bills. On principle plus VAT. For participants from other EU countries without VAT, if they enter their VAT ID no. Bills in third countries without VAT.

By the way: If you are interested as a taster, please let us know separately: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. keyword taster



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